A very important thing you have to know about your wireless router is its IP address. With it you can access the router configuration settings and adjust them according to your needs. All the important settings like network name, wireless internet password, security and so on are present in the options, so knowing how to access them is essential for every user.
find default router ip address
If you want to login to the router configuration settings you have to know the specific router IP address. It can be easily found if you take a look at the user’s manual or at the label which is usually placed under the router.


Today we have several types of routers. Some of them instead of a default IP address, for example, use a NetBIOS name.In case you own a router like this all you have to do in order to login is to type this URL into the browser’s address bar and you will be asked to enter the default router password.


Finding the router’s IP address step by step

As we have mentioned before you can look at the user’s manual to see what your router IP address is. However, if you don’t have the manual there are other ways in which you can find the router IP. For example, the default router IP address is the same as the Default Gateway. So knowing how to find the Default Gateway is valuable. So, you just have to type IPCONFIG in the Command Prompt to find it. Here is how to do this properly:

  • At the beginning go to the Control Panel via the Start menu.
  • Once you open the Control Panel find and click the View Network Status and Tasks.
  • Now click the Connection tab which is usually positioned at the top corner of the window.
  • Now click on details and you will see the router default IP address

Mac users have to click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. After that they should click the Network icon. Next select the network connection you use and click on the advanced button. The router’s IP address will be shown after you click on the TCP/IP tab.


Setup the Wireless Router Properly

The number of router manufacturers is quite large. Generally routers are designed in a way the end user to have no trouble accessing its settings. The setup process is definitely easy because now you are being guided through it and there are very small chances to mess something up.


Many modern routers have the capability to update themselves automatically and apply the latest features. So to setup your router you have to do the following:

  • Turn off the modem first.
  • Remove the network cable from your PC and plug it in the new router.
  • Turn on the modem and wait a little.
  • Do the same with the router and wait till it finishes booting.
  • Use another network cable plug it in the PC
  • And then connect it to the router Ethernet port
  • Now you can turn on the PC


Protecting your router

No one can deny the benefits of owning a personal wireless network. That’s why you have to take care of the security of your network se here are a few recommendations.


Choose the Correct Encryption

The so called safe encryption is the most basic thing you can do since it only requires you to use a password. You can easily do this in the router settings page under the Wireless setup tab.


Use a Strong Encryption Password

Make sure you use the strongest possible password to secure your wireless network. Make sure to combine letters (both capital and small), numbers and special characters.


Take care of the Wi-Fi range

If you restrict the Wi-Fi range you can greatly decrease the chances to be hacked from outside.


Change the router password from time to time

Every time you access the router settings you can change the password. Just make sure to write down the new password somewhere safe.


It doesn’t matter which router you use, you have to know that is quite possibly its default password. This is one of the most commonly used passwords today and many different router manufacturers use it for their routers.


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