Already QR code spread out many business areas, why because QR code can encrypt many information rather than bar code. Using QR code is possible to embed any type of data such as Web URL, text information, email and many more. Nowadays everyone can easy to generate QR code by using online with free of cost. Here we have list out best free online QR generator, using these tools you can create your own QR code within minute.
best QR code generator online tool

QR Code Monkey

QR Code monkey is very famous online tool for create QR code. Using this tool you can embed the information of website URL, text, email, Phone numbers, SMS, vCard, Location, YouTube videos. This tool fully supported for create QR code with your desired colors and you can include your company logo inside of QR code graphics.



Kaywa QR Code tool is provided Dynamic and static QR codes. Static QR code is once created Web URL you can change anything, this is too complicated why because once you published your QR Code anywhere you can change your URL. But Dynamic QR code is anytime we can change web URL. You can create 5 Dynamic QR code by using Kaywa online tool with free of cost.



If you like your QR code should be very creative, then you have to choose Visualead QR code generator. Using this tool you can create QR code for website URL, vCard, Facebook page, Business page, discount Coupon with very creative. This QR code create wizard is very user friendly and every one can easy to create. By default many graphics available in visualead database you can also upload your own image. This design tool is very flexibility to create your QR code, you can move 90 degrees of your graphics choose colors, make shape for QR codes.


QR Stuff

QR Stuff is generating many type of QR code for your business or personal purpose. This tool unique feature is App store download QR code generator, using this QR code type you can add iTunes app store, Google Play store, Blackberry app world, Windows market place, Fallback links URL. Also you can create Digital business card this card included complete information about the persons. Skype Call, PayPal buy now link, Bitcoin links is another unique feature.


QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is the best and simple and fast way to create your own QR code. This QR code can be downloadable as EPS and SVG for print quality. Using this tool you can creates Web URL, text, event, SMS, Call, Email and WiFi type of QR codes. WiFi is protecting the information in wireless network also you can add your logo inside QR code.


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