YouTube is the famous videos gallery website; you can also upload unlimited number of videos. YouTube supported many video file formats, but still it is not supported SWF file format, if you would like to upload SWF movie you need to convert FLV file or any other video format. In this post explain how to convert SWF files in to YouTube supported file format.
upload SWF file in to YouTube

Option 1: Convert SWF file in YouTube supported file format


Following steps explain how you can convert the SWF file in to any YouTube supported format:

  1. Download and install the Flash SWF converter
  2. One the software and Click on the source button
  3. Select the SWF files and select any one of YouTube supported file format like FLV, WMV, AVI and MPEG-4 by click on Codec drop down
  4. Click Capture button to convert the file
  5. A Record popup window will be open, click start to begin the video capture process once completed Click End Record to stop the capturing process
  6. Once completed the converted SWF file in to YouTube video file, it will be added in to output folder

Now you can upload in to YouTube website or any other video gallery.


Option 2: Upload SWF by using Adobe Premier

If you have Adobe Premier Effects software license than you can upload SWF file in to YouTube website:

  1. Open Adobe Premier Effects software
  2. Open your SWF files by click on Files and Folder Menu
  3. After loaded the SWF files click on Export & Share links, which is available in top right corner
  4. A popup window will be open select the Online TAB
  5. Select the YouTube section and click Next
  6. Authorize window will be displayed click on Authorize button
  7. Login in to your YouTube account
  8. Now you can enter the video details and provide the permission who watch the videos than click upload button to finish

Your SWF files converted in to YouTube supported video format and will be uploaded.


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