Internet chat is most popular in every mobile users side, because most of the people using smartphone with internet connections. People don’t like to waste the internet cost while they are in class room, auditorium or shopping mall but they are really does; because if they need to communicate to their friends, must send message over internet or mobile SMS. So people how can chat to their friends without internet connections? If you are the Android smartphone user then you can chat without internet connections.
chat without internet from mobile

Fire Chat

Fire chat is most popular chat messenger, this is creates mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi connections. By using this people can connect this network up to 200 feet without internet connections; if it is most of the users using Fire chat nearby you than message will be forward via that connection and extend the reaches area. If many people using Fire Chat around your city than you can send message to your friends anywhere in that city.
This chat shares the photos and messages to everyone who is around you also this will encrypt the messages and send to recipients, so you message will be secured. This messenger also allowed chatting public room chat; everyone can join this room to chat group chats.


Hike Chat

Hike Chat is another one chat messenger for chat without internet connections, its direct features turned on the zero data features. By using this you can chat up to 100 feet, you can also so share images and messages. Its offline message is more helpful for users, while your friend’s offline, still you can send the message it will be send as SMS without any cost, once your friends reply you can receive in hike messenger. Hike chat also provides free SMS services to anyone in India.


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