Smartphones have become an extension of us. We rely on them to communicate with friends and family, make purchases online, and save significant moments by taking videos and photographs. We spend hours every day using phones – always making sure they are easily accessible.

It is pretty amazing to think that smartphones are now considered necessities. Closely examining how the technology enhanced over time, and how our lifestyles changed during the last decade, we can see why.
Initially, smartphones were primarily utilized for making and receiving calls, texts, and emails. Within the past ten years, several actionable steps were undertaken to further improve the functionality of a smartphone so they fit our latest living environment.


Below are a couple of ways smartphones changed the way we live. Please check them out now.

1. Mobile Banking

Although you can go to a bank to carry out transactions, mobile banking makes things simpler and more convenient. You may use your smartphone to check balance, transfer funds, and open an account. A large number of financial institutions developed mobile applications that cater to a customer’s banking experience seamlessly.

The best thing about mobile banking is that you do not have to wait in long line to finish banking errands. You may also visit your bank anytime since the mobile banking apps are available 24/7. Just have a strong internet connection.


2. Entertainment

According to the HONOR Magic 5 Lite review, smartphones can keep you entertained for a prolonged period. On the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you will get plenty of apps, most of which are free.
Go ahead and download games, audio streaming applications like Apple Music and Spotify, video streaming applications like Twitch and YouTube, and top-notch content platforms such as iFlix and Netflix.


3. Healthcare and Selfcare

Smartphones can be an advantageous asset to your overall health. Medical applications that are successfully connected to a healthcare provider, for instance, help you find out a credible doctor’s schedule. You may book the appointment remotely. Many apps will even let you make requests for diagnostics and labs, and enroll your dependents.

Smartphones nowadays can be used together with smartwatches. The latter can monitor a few specific aspects of your life that directly influence your health such as your diet, amount of exercise you get every day, etc.
You may not believe but smartphone can improve self-care practices. Continuously pinged by notifications can give you headache. But a wide range of lifestyle apps help you take care of your physical as well as mental wellbeing. You can also download a journal to observe your dietary and medication requirements.


4. Navigation

Whether you are visiting a foreign nation or driving through an unfamiliar street, it is easy to find your way using a smartphone. Powered by the GPS, smartphones have inbuilt maps that let you reach from point A to point B in no time.

Your smartphone also provides you with real-time updates about traffic so you can select the best possible route to get to a particular place.

On your smartphone, download any navigation app that is specific to the country, city, or area you are in. You can also download a map and use it offline. No need to carry around paper maps when going around the town.


5. Travel and Vacation

With a smartphone, you can plan a local or even an international trip easily. You can book hotel rooms or make reservations at a restaurant by visiting its official website. With a simple Google search, you will get a detailed list of an area’s famous tourist spots, foods, and experiences.

Besides making travels enjoyable, with social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can edit and customize your videos and photographs in different destinations.

Hope the above discussion proved the immense impact smartphones have on daily life. Now if you wish to buy a smartphone, please go for the HONOR Magic 5 Lite. According to the HONOR Magic 5 Lite review, it is noted for sharp looks and reasonable price. The build quality is almost impossible to match. Add in a decent camera and a strong battery, you will get a lot for the cash you spent.


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