Many people always would like to delete or recall the wrongly sent messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp recently updates these features. This feature really helps if you are accidentally sent a message to others. But you need to update the latest version of Whatsapp from Google Play store.

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Delete Wrongly sent message

Typically, if the message sent from your device it will show the Single green color tick mark, after delivered the recipient it will be marked green color double tick. If the recipient viewed the message it’s changed to Blue color double tick. You can’t retrieve the message once delivered, but sometimes when you click on a send button it will show the Clock icon, it means the message is not sent from your devices. So, you can long-press and delete the message immediately.

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If your message will be sent and delivered to your friends then you have to select the message and click on the Delete icon on the Action bar. It will show the confirmation message for DELETE FOR ME or DELETE FOR EVERYONE, you have to click on the DELETE FOR EVERYONE to delete the message. now your message will be deleted to your friends also.



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