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How to delete wrongly sent WhatsApp message?

Many people always would like to delete or recover the wrongly sent messages. By default, WhatsApp doesn’t have the option to delete or recover the sent messages. But some WhatsApp tips and tricks help you to delete the wrongly sent … Readmore +

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Keep an eye on your mobile data usage

With drastic changes in lifestyle, our money spending habits have also been changed. There was a time when we used mobile phones to make calls and to send text messages This habit is now replaced by video calls and online … Readmore +

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How to Play YouTube video on background in Android and iPhone?

YouTube Apps available for Android and iPhone, but default it will not play in the background. If you open another app YouTube video will be stopped running. How can you run the YouTube video on background in Android and iPhone? … Readmore +

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Manage your Photo gallery efficiently using Duplicate Photo Fixer

Pictures are a great way to keep our memories intact. We can relive all our favorite moments by going through the camera roll. Gone are those days when we had to wait for the reel to get developed and printed. … Readmore +

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How to set your Interactive Status on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp always updates its feature, its time release new interactive status update features like Facebook. You can update your status with Video or GIF Animation images so that your friends can realize your current thoughts. If you need to get … Readmore +

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How To Boost Your Rates Via Tiny Mobile Apps

Marketing experts are inventing new ways to promote big and tiny companies daily. Although there is one proven method to make a huge amount of people see your advertising. All you need is place it in their smartphones.   Think … Readmore +

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