Many Android mobile users wondering save important message in their mobile without using third party apps. If you have more than 100 messages in your inbox, how you can maintain important messages when you delete all messages.


Now a days if we ask to someone immediately they will say go and download third party apps by using Google Apps stores and get backup data. But many android users don’t know that features are already in android mobiles.


How we can maintain important message in android mobile?

Go to your message inbox open your important message and long press in the particular message, Message options dialog will be displayed select the Favorite (please be note in older version of Android mobile option is Lock).

save important messages in android


Selected message will be marked as Favorite and Favorite icon will be displayed in that message. Now your message safe from will be deleted without your knowledge.
save important messages

When we try to delete all messages by enabled Select all check box, confirmation dialog will be will be appear, in that time you make sure disable check box of Include locked messages. (By default it will be disabled). After deletion of all messages, still remain your locked messages, in this way you can save your important messages.

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