More than millions of Android Apps available in Google play store, many apps will be useful for every android users but some useful android apps needs to root mobile devices. Android mobile rooting is to get complete access of the devices, this rooting sometime useful for the mobile users; they can easy to install any apps. But the same time it will be some risk factors available, android mobile rooting is easy process nowadays lot of guides available for any model smartphones. Before rooting android devices you must know the risk factor to extend your mobile devices life.
android mobile rooting risk factors

Security issue

Android mobile rooting is high security issue, because nowadays many people connected the internet in their smartphone. In Android rooted mobile easy to attack from virus, spyware or malware, because it has full rights to install any app without permissions. Sometimes virus or malware apps automatically installed and will be stolen your important data’s and impact the devices performance.


Update issues

Mobile devices manufacturer provide the latest Android updates if available, latest updates will be improve your mobile devices performance and solve the security issues. If the mobile devices already rooted; than you will not get proper updates and supports, this is one of the major impacts of android mobile rooting.


Warranty breakdown

Mobile warranty is most important for every mobile device, if your mobile hardware issues or any other issue then you can claim the free service during warranty period. If your mobile purchased from within a year then you will defiantly impact service warranty, because every mobile manufacturer not accept mobile rooting for claim the warranty. Mobile rooting will impact high security issue so that manufacturer will be breakdown its warranty, if the mobile purchased from more than 2 year than you don’t bother about warranty issues.


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