Google always be a technology leader, because frequently it’s invented new and successful technology. Previously it’s invented self-driving car; it is very comfort and useful for most of the people who made the test drive. Its time Google introduced self-driving bicycle in Netherlands; every city is growing day by day and traffic also move forwards, so most of the people go back to take bicycle for reduce the traffic and pollution free city.
Self driving Bicycle

self driving bike

Many people feels bicycle is not safe for huge city traffic, but Google invented self-driving bicycle is more safety everyone. This bicycle included the camera and sensor, so it will be stop automatically while any vehicle has come to nearby in particular distance. Also it used the high technology sensor in both sides; so it will not fall down even if we try to push. This is very secure for the children can drive this bicycle without any struggle.
google self driving bike
Also Google planned to use the bicycle for rent, so this bicycle stand will be most important place and if anyone can pay and take this for rent. After reach their destination they can park near by stand. This stand holder locks the bicycle in secure method, member card only unlock the bicycle from that holder.


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