Spy application is a revolutionary invention whose countless applications and features make it the go to software of this decade. The need for spy apps stems from the growth and the availability of technology in this time and age. From waking up in the morning to keeping track of the various appointments and assignments, we have all become completely dependent on the virtual assistance of our smartphones, tablets and computers. And this dependence is not limited to adults alone; it afflicts our children as well. The increase in the popularity of spy apps have raised new questions about their reliability and credibility as getting caught spying on anyone, whether it be your employees or your kids, is the last thing which you want.

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Even though it is extremely unethical and immoral to keep the use of spy applications from your children as well as your employees, yet unless they are kept in the dark about its use, there is no way you can be sure whether the way they are behaving right now is the way that they usually do or are they doing so out of paranoia and fear of losing their job or losing their privileges/ being grounded. Thus, if you are worried about your child and your business and are thinking if investing in spy applications to keep them safe without the knowledge of your child/employee, rest assured. If you spy application comes equipped with all of the following features, then the chances of you being caught spying on your children or business partners will be lesser than none.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the process of accessing the target device remotely. In this process the servers of the spy app manufacturers and the internet plays a pivotal role. No matter where you are anywhere in the world or how far away you are from the target device, you can access the servers of the spy app manufacturers online, using a login ID and password provided by the spy app company. Once online, you can track all the activities of the target device remotely. Remote access allows you to take a look at the calls, texts and emails beings sent and received by the target device in real-time. It also allows you to take a look at media files and gallery pictures stored on the target device and the contacts being stored on the phonebook as well. Some spy apps like TheOneSpy offer a feature called bugging, which allows you to access the camera and microphone of the target device by choice and keep an eye on its surroundings by taking pictures and listening in to surroundings in real-time, as and whenever they wish.

Stealth Mode

A spy application always works in stealth mode. Most apps being installed on the target device leaves virtual footprints all over the device during the installation phase. From an icon is the apps menu to the amount of space it has taken up in the storage, all such details are mentioned in vivid detail about an app. Unlike such apps, when a good spy application like XnSpy is installed onto the target device, it gives the user no evidence of its existence. Additionally, the always stay on and run in the background to make sure that they target device is being monitored around the clock.

One-Time Physical Access

In lieu of its name, spy apps know perfectly well how to keep the secret. Which is why, one only need a onetime physical access to the target device, just to install the spy app onto it. Once that is done, the target device can be monitored for as long as the user desires without the worry of ever being caught.
Spy apps are safe to use if you want to keep your identity or the fact that you are monitoring the target device hidden. Whether you should do it or not is another topic entirely. What’s interesting is that these apps reveal the true colors of people which most of you may never have seen before.

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