Most of the people using Gmail account; because many in-build feature available in google email account. But some people still not aware about its feature like how to enable security settings and how to change their account password. In this guide explain enable 2 step verification, change google account password and delete google account permanently.
enable 2 step verification or change password in gmail

Enable Google 2 Step Verification

Google 2 step verification is helpful for more secure your account.

  1. After login in your account go to account settings page
  2. Click 2 step verification under sign in section
  3. Click start setup button, login window will be open for you confirmation
  4. After sign in enter your mobile number and select SMS or voice call options and click send button
  5. You will receive the google verification code, enter the code and click verify button
  6. You can also trust your personal computer by select the option of Trust this computer and click confirm button.

Now your Google account 2 step verification will be enabled, if you login to your account from any other computer you will be receive verification code, after enter the right then only will be enter your account.


Change Gmail account password

Following step explains how to change your Gmail account passwords:

  1. Login in to your Gmail account
  2. Click the profile picture in the top right corner
  3. Select Account link, in account settings page select the Password under Sign in area
  4. Login window will be open, again login your account
  5. Now reset password window will be open, here you can change the password

Make sure you have to use the strong password for protect your account.


Delete Google Account permanently

Anyone is not interested to delete their Gmail account, but some people have more than one account so they would like to delete their unwanted Gmail account. Following steps guide you to delete your google account if you wish to delete permanently:

  1. Sign in your Gmail account
  2. In top right corner profile picture is show click the picture
  3. Then select the Account link
  4. Account settings page will be open, under account management click the Delete Google account and data
  5. Login window will be open, again login to your account
  6. Delete confirmation window will be open
  7. Here you can download all of your data by click on download your data link
  8. If you delete your google account all of google service will be deleted automatically such as blogger, Google Plus, Contacts, AdSense, YouTube and Calendar
  9. Select the confirmation instruction and click Delete Account button to remove your google account permanently


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