Today we have dozens of excellent email exchange applications that provide everything that a user needs to communicate with each other. One can share everything through these mails such as images, sound, music, documents and many more.
eml to pst converter
Although there are numeral choices available to users for e-mailing still market is dominated by Microsoft’s product such as Mail, Outlook Express and especially Outlook. Outlook is one of the important element of Microsoft Office. It is one of the most popular as well as a versatile application among the email clients. It helps in managing daily task, scheduling business meetings, keeping personal details, appointments and many more.


There are many email clients that supports EML files to keep the email data. Thunderbird, Mac Mails, Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Spicebird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Bat are some the emailing applications that can easily read data from EML files. At times there are circumstances when users need all their files from EML to PST.


For switching on to EML files to PST one should trust on third party application. EML to PST Converter is the solution for the above situation. It helps to convert all the EML files into PST format. If any attachments are attached with the mails such as images, music, documents and so on also gets saved after conversion. This converting of mails work in two process i.e., single as well as batch mode. In single mode files get converted one by one whereas in batch mode files get converted altogether.


Some users think that after converting files, layout of the software may get change which will led them into difficulties in using it. But that’s not true. The format of the software remains same so that there’s no problem in using it. It is a Window based application, you can easily run this program on any Windows OS version platform including Windows 10 and any other Windows version and supports all the versions of MS Outlook. i.e., Outlook 2016 and below.


While launching of this software it went under a demonstration where it converted more than 30,000 files. Mega data details remains same. Nothing gets change such as date, time, to, bcc, cc and many more. No files are deleted or misplaced at the time of conversion. Full data is saved with proper backups.


Suppose that you have Multiple folders of Multiple email client profiles and all are in .eml format and you want to access Multiple Mailboxes emails into your MS Outlook account, that time software “Multiple folder conversion option” help you to convert Multiple mailboxes into Multiple PST file like you have 10 mailboxes, so software will create 10 *.pst file format 10 mailboxes.


Free Trial Version

Demo version of Software is exactly work same as the software licensed version works. While working in demo version users get a mask as DEMO word in all the files which are converted. Therefore, once users are satisfied with the demo version they can proceed for licensed version.


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