WhatsApp most preference mobile messenger app, most of the people installed this app their smartphone but some people don’t aware about its complete features. Following tips and tricks helpful for WhatsApp user can smart way to use the messenger.
whatsapp features

1. Chat with desktop

WhatsApp have default option to synchronise the messenger to you desktop computer, if you are in home you can easy to connect the messenger though web.whatsapp.com. This will be helpful for user can view the messenger wider screen and easy send the files from computers.


2. Create groups shortcut

Many people frequently use the particular WhatsApp group, so if you create the short cut of particular group easy to open. Move to Chat Tab and select the group which you would like to create short and Go to action bar More button and click on Add Chat Shortcut menu, it will create the group shortcut in your smartphone Apps launcher area.


3. Backup and Restore data

WhatsApp user can backup and restore the data using Google Drive using following steps:
Backup data:

  1. Open WhatsApp messenger and move to Action bar more button – settings
  2. In settings screen select chats – Chat backup
  3. In Chat Backup screen select the Backup to Google Drive under Google Drive settings
  4. Select the backup option as monthly, weekly or daily
  5. Choose the email account which you would like to store the backup
  6. Now your WhatsApp chat data will be backup in Google Drive account as per your selected interval


Restore data:
Restore the WhatsApp data form Google Drive pretty easy just open the newly installed WhatsApp and signed in same login what you use the backup data. Click on the restore button to import the data from google drive.


4. Recover deleted message

If you unexpectedly deleted the WhatsApp message you don’t have the restore option by default, but you can uninstall and reinstall the app. WhatsApp by default everyday get the backup and stored in your mobile devices, so you can restore the files. Another option you can install the Android data recovery tool to restore the messages.


5. Know about message read status

If you sent the message to your friends and your message will be marked the double tick icons, it is notify your message has read. You can control this read reception by Settings – Account – Privacy – turn ON or OFF the Read receipts.


6. Find important message

Sometime people would like to get the important message, but if you have many conversations it is not easy job. So you must select the message and select star as important message, after that you can move the Chat tab and just select the starred messages menu to open the all important messages.


7. Disable media auto download

WhatsApp media auto download will be consuming your mobile data, so you can disable the auto download options. Go to settings – Data usage, select the When using mobile data link and disable the all options of Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents.


8. Hide last seen

You can hide the last seen status in WhatsApp by go to settings – Account – Privacy, select the Last seen and select the option Nobody. Now no one can view your last seen status, but the same time you can’t view others last seen status.


9. Change background

WhatsApp default background is gray texture, you can change this background to your own image by go to settings – Chats – Wallpaper – Gallery, select your desired image from your gallery and click on set button to make the changes.


10. Send message all contacts at once

If you would like to send one message to all of your WhatsApp contact, than you can use the broadcast features to send the message to all at once. Go to Menu – New Broadcast, this will be open all of your WhatsApp contact select the desired contacts and send the message to all at once.


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