Google Photos is best way to maintain your photo gallery in online and synchronize to your mobile devices. Many people using this gallery, sometime people unexpectedly delete the important photos from this gallery, so how they can retrieve these photos? Usually Google Photos app move deleted files to Trash folder, so user can retrieve the photos from Trash folder.
retrive deleted photos in google photos app

Google Photos Website

If you delete the important photos from your Google Photos account, you can retrieve by using following steps:

  1. Open Google Photos account
  2. Click on the Main Menu button, which is displayed in top left corner
  3. Click on Trash menu, in Trash area all deleted photos are listed
  4. Select the photos which you would like to restore
  5. Click on the Restore icon in the top right corner to restore the file


Google Photos Android App

  1. Click on the Main Menu button in action bar, which displayed in top left corner
  2. Select the Trash menu
  3. In Trash area, select the photos which you would like to retrieve
  4. Click on Restore button in the top bar to restore the photos

Now all deleted photos will be moved to appropriate folders.


Please be note if you remove the photos from Trash area you can’t retrieve the files, but still you can use the third party apps to retrieve the deleted photos in your mobile devices.


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