Many people have more than one email account for personal and official purpose. While checking on email, can you open multiple user account in same browser? Usually many emails will not support open multiple user account in same browser. In this cause you must signed out current logged in user account and re login with another user account or login with different web browser. Many internet user installed only one web browser, so every time they must logout and login another user account. This will be hurt user valuable timing.


Google Products support user can open multiple user account in same browsers. In this guide explain about how to open multiple user Google accounts in same web browser.


multiple email in single browser


Open multiple user account in one web browser

  1. Login with your Gmail account
  2. Click on your profile photo in top right corner
  3. Click Add account button, new login window will be open
  4. open multiple email in single browser

  5. Sign In with another Gmail account. Now another mail will be open in same browser
  6. You can easily switch back to any email account by click on your profile photo in top right corner
  7. multiple email in single browser

  8. There is all Logged in email account will be listed, click on email account which you would like to switch over

You can also login all Google products using this features. But some products and mobile version will not support this features.


Sign out multiple Gmail user account in same web browser

You can click Sign out button, this will be sign out all logged in emails in same web browser. Google do not remember all login account information. If you would like to login again all multiple account you must login one by one as the same procedure.


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