Sending message or files from computer to mobile many people using by emails. Sometimes you would like to send important files to your friends mobile with high importance alert like push messages. How this is possible without send via email? Pushbullet Apps provide the solution to send files or messages your computer to android mobiles with push messages.


What is Push messages?

Push messages is simple and easier way rather than email messages. Push messages will be alert mobile user notification bar. So that user can easily view and open files or messages. You send links, files or address from your computer by using Pushbullet apps


How to Setup Pushbullet Apps?

Step 1: Install Pushbullet Android Apps

Download and install the Pushbullet Apps in your android mobile. Than sign in with your email account or accept your android device default Gmail ID. Now your mobile synchronized with Pushbullet server.


Step 2: Install Pushbullet Windows Apps

You need to install Pushbullet windows apps in your computer and sign in with your google account. Using this apps you can send Messages, Links, files or Address through push notification to your mobile devices.


How to send Push messages through Pushbullet?

Open the Pushbullet windows apps, by click on task bar tray icon.

pushbullet Windows apps

Select user which you would like to send push notification and enter the messages than click Push It button.

pushbullet windows apps

Now your messages immediately send to selected user mobile phone. You can add many user by login your account in Pushbullet website.


You can also send push notification using your Firefox browser by install the Firefox extension. After install the extension login with Google account and send the push messages like windows apps.



  • Mobile user easily access files or messages without open email
  • Address message will be open directly in Google Maps
  • Just right click on files and click to Send with Pushbullet from your computer

pushbullet push notification


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