Mobile chat is very famous on this days, everyone stopped SMS and communicate through chat message. Chat messenger has many features rather than SMS, so that many smart phone users turned chat message from SMS. Using chat messenger you can chat with your friends or groups, send photos or documents and all this feature is free of cost. These are the reason many people switched to Chat messenger from SMS. Here we have listed top 5 best Android mobile chat messenger apps, you can install any one of this app and chat or call with your friends free of cost.
android mobile chat messenger

1. WhatsApp

Everyone knows WhatsApp chat messenger, using this app you can send photos, videos, documents and voice notes to your friends for family. Using this Chat messenger you can send message anywhere in the world with free of cost. You can also send the Offline message if your friends when switched off their phone and they can receive the message one they turned on their mobile. WhatsApp have many cool features such as exchange contacts, share location, make custom alert sound, Broadcast MMS and many more


2. Messenger

Messenger is very famous for Facebook users, it is started chat for Facebook user but nowadays you can chat with anyone. Just enter the phone number and add the new contact in your chat friends. Using Messenger App you can know your friends read your message status, forward messages and photos, turn off notification when you are busy and show active Facebook friends.



Line Apps provides unlimited Free Calls and messages with your friends or family members. Using this app you can send photos and documents also this available for PC, so you can chat with your friends if you are logged in your computer. Line is number one downloaded app in most of the country.


4. WeChat

WeChat is another free Voice chat app, using this app you can meet new friends. Friend’s radar feature will notify the people who is nearby you so you can add new friends in just few clicks. More than 20 languages supports this app so you can chat with any countries people with their languages.


5. Hangouts

Google Hangouts app make your friends or relatives very closer to you, using this app you can make Free Voice call and text messages to your friends. Also you can make group voice call with up to 10 people. You call just click your Phone contacts, if they are in hangout that call will be free in world wide.


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