If you would like to watch everything in video mode than you can logon YouTube; this videos portal provides many features. Some people need to watch multiple videos in single page unfortunately this option is not possible in YouTube website, but some third-party online tool helps to watch multiple videos simultaneously.
watch multiple videos in signle page

YouTube Multiplier

YouTube Multiplier helps you to watch more than one video at a time; by using this tool you can set the videos start sequence and volume control for each video. Also you can save this multiple videos and save the setting to publish for public view.



SwigView is another one YouTube multiple player online tool; this tool allows to set the videos run sequence, video size and layout columns. Also this is mobile friendly so you can watch the multiple videos in your mobile without any struggle.



You3B helps to watch 3 YouTube videos simultaneously; by using this tool you can watch any online video tutorial series; also you can mute the sound for particular videos. This tool has separate version for low bandwidth user, so less than 1 mbps internet users can use the low bandwidth YouTube video version tool also user can publish your video settings for public view.


YouTube Doubler

YouTube Doubler helps to watch the two YouTube videos at a time; in this tool also provide the feature of start sequence. By default your setting will be published for public view; after Double up the video you can embed to anywhere of your website.


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