YouTube is most famous video portal in the world already more than billions of videos uploaded in this website. YouTube video buffering is always tragic for low bandwidth users, by default YouTube auto buffer some videos, so that YouTube provided the offline video options for mobile apps. But YouTube website users irritate with each video buffering, so how can they watch the YouTube video without buffering? Here we have provide some tips to watch the YouTube videos without buffering.
watc youtube video without buffer

Option 1: Add the Browser extensions

YouTube No Buffer Firefox browser add-ons helps to stop auto video buffering mode, by using this extension you can watch the video without buffer even if it is flash or HTML5 Player. YouTube No Buffer add-on change the YouTube parameter to prevent the auto buffering videos, so you can watch the videos without auto buffering. When you try to watch the video with in single tab, this extension more powerful play the videos.

Google Chrome browser users can install Smart video for YouTube extension to watch the video without buffering, this extension also support HTML 5 videos run smoother.


Option 2: Use video Accelerator

Video accelerator helps to stop buffer the videos in YouTube website or any other online videos, by using this you can watch the HD videos very faster more than 20 MB videos. You can just in install this plugin to your computer; your web browser will automatically accelerate the videos from YouTube and any other sites.


Option 3: User Feather mode

YouTube by default provide the features of Feather mode it is helpful for low bandwidth users can easy to watch the videos without buffering. In this mode you can watch the video if you have 512 kbps download speed.


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