Already many Joomla CMS websites are hosted online for business and personal purpose. Joomla is secure CMS application they are provide security updates frequently, even though some RCE vulnerabilities always threaten Joomla websites. Many spammers always try to attack the Joomla websites. How can you protect the Joomla website from spammers?
RSFirewall protect joomla website from hackers

RSFirewall Joomla Extensions

RSFirewall is most advanced Joomla security extension, it is protect your Joomla websites and provide the following security features:

RCE Vulnerabilities

Spammers always include the spam file to Joomla server by using Remote Control Execution method, RSFirewall lock this security holes and block the particular spam IP to protect your Joomla websites. This extension frequently update the spam database so your website will secure up to date spam Vulnerabilities.


Check the file modification

RSFirewall scanner reviews the each and every file and notify if any files will be modified. This will be compare with Joomla core files, if already hacked website then you can scan and rebuild core file instead of infected files by just one click.


Protect Administrator folder

This extension always protect Joomla website administrator folder by using extra password, this will be prevent the Joomla website from brute force attack. Also automatically block spam IPs which try to attack your websites, this settings user can set the limit of attempts.


Folder permissions

This security extension will check the all folder and file permission that have used right and secure access permission. If not have it will be find the folder and file and notify to you to fix the issues. You can also exclude some files or folders from this permission check.


Block Countries

User can also block the entire countries or continent for restrict the access the permission for Joomla websites. Also you can set the particular IP to blacklist or Whitelist to make spam protection and write the log to spam IP list.


Lockdown features

RSFirewall provide more secure for your Joomla website such as prevents the new installation of plugin and components in admin area. Also restrict the user creation in user manager because spammer create the fake admin account and start to play the game with this fake account.


The Verdict

Moreover RSFirewall always secure the Joomla website from hackers and spammers attack. This extension is cost is small amount but always valuable for your money to protect your website.


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