Technology is something which is influencing the way we do day to day things. It has changed the world in so many different ways. Technology is expanding in every field we could ever imagine. There were a lot of things in the earlier times that were complicated and irritating. However, since the emergence of technology things have changed drastically.



Smartphone the greatest innovation of all is a standalone device. We can use smartphones to take pictures, surf internet, watch movies, and play games, in addition, to their basic use of communication. However, the basic use of smartphones remains as a communication tool. The ways it helps us communication has multiplied as the technology has grown. Instead of relying on old methods, technology has made video conferencing, email, and chat facilities available. The emergence of instant messaging apps, for instance, has boosted the communication. Thus providing better facilities and more options to the people.


Online Shopping

The advent of technology has offered a great impact on the shopping industry over the recent years. Today, most people rely on the Internet and e-commerce companies have benefited from it. Technology has altered the way we shop with options such as price comparisons, Flipkart coupons, and instant delivery.

Online retail is booming rapidly due to the ever growing interference of technology. This is because unlike the earlier times where we needed to plan a purchase days before to get some time out of the busy schedule. People now take the assistance of online shopping portals for purchasing their products. And it seems more convenient and efficient. There are also heavy discounts that make online shopping even more lucrative.



education-latest technology
Another major breakthrough is in the way we access information, everything is available at our fingertips. Technology allows things that weren’t possible a few years ago. There are many ways in which technology has made information more accessible.

The invention of tech gadgets has made a very big change in the world of education. Students have access to all the information which makes learning easier. There are also many mobile apps that help carry access a full library via a Mobile Phone or Tablet.

This constant evolution of technology provides countless opportunities improving the way we all live. Technology keeps on changing and getting better there are many innovations that keep coming. The latest offerings of technology also increase our curiosity providing better and convenient services.

Technology has not only helped with online shopping, communication, and education but it has touched every field. Today, we are so dependent on technology and require it at every step, making technology undeniably an important part of our life.


With so many merits of technology, there are bound to be some demerits as well. With all this technology at our disposal, one question must be asked: Has the technology also made life more complicated. There can’t be a certain answer as it is not possible to generalise. But it can’t be denied that new technology has caused many improvements.


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