Mobile usage is very important for everyone. Nowadays all are store important data in their mobiles. Some mobile have by default less memory space only available, in this situation they are used memory card for getting more space. But many people don’t know about backup their important data’s. Sometime accidentally we delete some important data. Data backup is very important for in these causes, because if deleted the important files we can get from backup data.


What is Easy Backup?

Easy Backup android apps provides backup and restore files with many useful features. By using these apps you can get backup MMS, SMS, Call history, Calendar, Browser bookmarks, Phone Contacts. Also you can create backups to SD Card, Dropbox, Google Drive or Gmail account. Easy Backup allows to Create backup manually or automatic schedule.


Backup and Restore android mobile


How to get backup using Easy Backup?

Download and install the Easy Backup apps from Google Play store and make to following steps

  1. Open the apps click backup button
  2. Backup window will be appear, you can select your desired backup data and click OK.
  3. Now backup to option window will be appear you can select any one of backup storage as SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox or Google Drive.

After select the storage option your data will be get backup. You can also restore backup data by click on Restore button. Please note if you select Gmail, Dropbox or Google Drive you must need internet connection in your mobile.


Backup restore android


How to enable schedule backup?

Go to settings page and select schedule Backup settings and make it necessary changes:

schedule backup in android phone

  1. Enable schedule option by default it is disabled
  2. Select which files you need to get Backup
  3. Where your files need to get backup
  4. Select how many days once you will get backup
  5. Backup starting time probably you can select your night hours.
  6. By default notification will show after completed the backup


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